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[Handsewn Cross Stitch DIY kit] Blue Cabinet


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[Handsewn Cross Stitch DIY kit] Blue Cabinet

In common, cross-stitch helps someone to cultivate interest, improve attention and train your  perseverance, determination and patience. 

Even more, it is believed also that cross-stitching brings healing effect to our mind and body,  so it has been called as ‘therapeutic art’. During the age of material civilization, we start to  look for spiritual abundance. This can be done through completing every cross stitch project  or even through every stitch you’ve done. Some spiritual satisfaction can only be completed  through art. You can even enjoy the ‘poking’ sound of needle through the fabric, you will be  amazed by its soothing effect. 

Cross stitch DIY kit helps if you’re dealing with an angst-ridden teenager, introduce them to  focus and drive them to positivity.  

To make your life easier, we provide you with accurately pre-printed cross-stitch so you can  skip the counting process and enjoy the stitching process. RedPalm Lifestyles provides  unique pattern or picture which selected attentively by us. 

Lastly, our motto, ‘To be rich in mind is real richness’. We hope everyone no matter how rich  or poor he is, live elegantly. 

十字绣 DIY 套件 


甚至,人们还相信十字绣对我们的身心有疗愈作用,因此被称为“治疗艺术”。在物质 文明的时代,我们开始寻求精神上的富裕。这可以通过你绣的每一针每一线、一幅幅 的十字绣图来实现。有些精神上的满足只能通过艺术来达成。你甚至可以享受到当针 线穿过织物时所发出的“戳”声,你会惊叹于它的疗愈效果。 

如果你正处于焦躁不安的时期,十字绣 DIY 会对你有所帮助,它们让你集中注意力, 解决身心上的烦恼,促使你积极向上。 

为了让您的生活更轻松,我们为您提供准确预印的十字绣,让您可以跳过计算过程并 享受缝合过程。 RedPalm Lifestyles 会为你提供我们精心挑选的独特图案或图片。

最后,我们的座右铭是:“心灵上的丰足,才是真正的富裕”。我们希望每个人,无论 贫富,都能优雅地生活。 


  • Thread used : Polyester Thread 生态棉 
  • Measurement 112W x 177H stitches, 36×51 in cm 
  • Fabric counts : 11ct 
  • Strands used : 3 strands 3 股) 
  • Colors : 40 
  • Fabric : Pure cotton Aida cloth (纯棉绣布)  
  • Sewing method (针法) Full stitch (全针绣), Back stitch (回针绣、勾边), French knot (法 国结) 

Good news for embroidery lovers : printed cross stitch is suitable for those who want to decorate  their room with their own work, for those who want to embroider but have no foundation. 

The kits contain 2 embroidery needles and an embroidery chart – telling you where you should put  the ‘x’ stitch and which color of the thread you should use. 

High-end and natural material: Ecological cotton thread / Pure cotton embroidery thread used in the  cross-stitch kit is soft, bright colored and durable – making your cross stitch silky, vivid and long  lasting. 

We provide extra 30% thread in every kit to ensure you have enough thread to finish the project. 

With the cotton fabric pure cotton Aida fabric, weaved in three/four/two-ply, got enough thickness  so that it can be easily played stitches on. 

The washable dyes we used are safe for human and pets, no side effects to skin.  

14ct / 11ct / 9ct stamped is a pre-printed fabric. Accurately pre-printed cute design as well as Arab  numbers, symbol and colors makes this cross-stitching work easy learning, for all ages. 

Since it uses water soluble printing dye, please DO NOT get it wet before you finish it. Please use 2 / 3 / 4 strands threads as stated details in every product. 

1 / 2 strands threads for back stitch. 

You can book frame in any framing workshop or shop for needlework, if you had already chosen a  frame that suits more for the interior. 

We DO NOT include frame as in picture shown.


刺绣爱好者的福音:印花十字绣适合想用自己的作品装饰房间的人,适合想刺绣但没有基础的 人。 

该套件包含 2 根绣花针和一张绣花表 告诉您应该将“x”针迹放在哪里以及应该使用哪种颜色的 线。 

高端天然材质:生态棉线/纯棉绣花线,手感柔软,色泽鲜艳,经久耐用,让您的十字绣丝般 柔滑,生动持久

我们在每个套件中提供额外 30% 的线,以确保您有足够的线来完成项目。 全棉布纯棉艾达布(纯棉绣布),三层/四层/两层(股)编织,厚度足够,绣起来很轻松。 我们使用的可洗染料对人和宠物都是安全的,对皮肤没有副作用。 

14ct / 11ct / 9ct 印花是一种预印织物(印花绣布)。准确预印的可爱设计以及阿拉伯数字、符 号和颜色使这款十字绣作品易于学习,适合所有年龄段的人。 


请使用 2 / 3 / 4 股线作为每个产品中所述的详细信息。 

1 / 2 股线用于回针。(回针或勾边) 

如果您已经选择了更适合室内装饰的框架,您可以在任何框架厂家或商店预订框架。 我们不包括如图所示的框架。 




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